It's not at all important to get it right the first time. It's vitally important to get it right the last time.

In case you need to execute a method on a backing bean, define a listener;
<h:inputText id="counter">
<p:ajax update="out" listener="#{counterBean.increment}"/>
<h:outputText id="out" value="#{counterBean.count}" />
public class CounterBean {
private int count;
public int getCount() {
return count;
public void setCount(int count) {
this.count = count;
public void increment() {
Default client side events are defined by components that support client behaviors, for input
components it is onchange and for command components it is onclick. In order to override the dom
event to trigger the ajax request use event option. In following example, ajax request is triggered
when key is up on input field.
<h:inputText id="firstname" value="#{bean.text}">
<p:ajax update="out" event="keyup"/>
<h:outputText id="out" value="#{bean.text}" />
Partial Processing
Partial processing is used with process option which defaults to @this, meaning the ajaxified
component. See section 5 for detailed information on partial processing.

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