Software for Restaurants, Bar, Cafe

Software for Restaurants, Bar, Cafe and any type of like Restaurants business

1.Tables and halls management
2.Product and category management
3.Compose menu and edit existing
4.Compose salad recipes
5.Compose client customs
6.Report of product count`
7.Report of some expenses
8.Report of Profit

Warehouse Software

Warehouse Software needed for company which have warehouse and delivery products from warehouse to clients
have following parts
a.Client address, contact person and additional information about clients
b.Information about delivery person
c.Information about delivery person cars, cars mark and numbers
d.Category of product management
2.Insert information about product
a.insert name of product and assign Firm and Category
b.count of product and price
3.Warehouse show history of each product inserts sales You can change price of product also have future to keep many type of price
4.Sales and delivery
in this part you can easy made list of product which is already sold, select delivery manager, direction, type of payment
5. Sales report
you can generate report for any time of period. Reports can be in following types
a. already sold product with prices
b. soled products by clients
c. by delivery managers
6.Statistic You can see reports by most popular product, most popular delivery manager, most popular client,
7.Search part
you can see list of products
8.Profit part
9.Debit part
10.Print bar code
11.Print price
12.Cash In Out
Other Future
13.Work by networks,
14.Clients bonus system
15.Move product from storage to other storage

Service Software

This software for salons or other company which is made services
• 1. Services
• a. Select type of services (hire cat, dress)
• b. Select employee (automatic calculate salary)
• c. Select client
• d. Select date
• 2. Notifications
• a. Clients notifications
• b. Clients birthdays
• c. You can add any type of notifications
• d. Other futures
• 3. Works with clients
• a. Configurations
• b. Account
• c. Service history
• d. Type of client status VIP, Regular, Black List
• e. Client card
• f. Other futures
• 4. Work with employee
• a. Registration (with profession)
• b. Vacation registrations
• c. Salary and bonus
• d. Pro cent from job
• e. Other futures
• 5. Product registrations
• a. Product insert (bar code, name)
• b. Product insert price
• c. Sale
• d. Storage

Market Software

This software for any type of market, for example for parmace , for food store foot car part story.
1.Insert Product
2.Sale product
3.Firm management
4.Storage reports
7.Many reports
8.Login with different role
9.Bar code
10.Work with Network
11.Simple Interface
12.User Manual in word file
13.Deposit sales
14.Cash in - out
15.Generate bar code
16. Client bonus system
17. Print with new type of HDM
18.Sale with different price
19.Move product from market to storage and back`

Software for Enterprise company

This software for furniture company, or for bakery company
1.Insert product which is need for make final product
2.Create receipt , menu for final product
3.Made final product

4.Order registration
7.Repair product
8.Employee management
9.Clients management
10. Reports

On-line version of this software

All software web based and you can put on-line and use it anywhere



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