Manufacturing software

Designed for companies engaged in economics, pastry, furniture or other manufacturing. Helps calculate from raw materials to products as well as from warehouses to sales calculations.

The Manufacturing software have following functionality.

1. Raw material insertion.
2. Design product by raw material.
For example building a some table requires raw materials, employee work time, other expenses.
3. Build the product
for example when we mention that the table was built then the raw material is reduced, the employee's salary is increased, the expenses are increased.
4. Acceptance of orders.
5. Sale product.
6. Organize product delivery to the client.
7. Overview status of repairing of the damaged products.
8. Employee list and salary overview.
9. Client list with addresses.
10. Reports.

The application technical requirements

1. Operation system Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux
2. RAM 1 GB or higher
3. HDD or SSD 128 GB or higher
4. Processor Core to duo or higher

The application technical description.

1. The application made using PHP 5 programming language.
2. The database MySql 5.1
3. Can works with network.
4. Make database backup/archive any time.

We are stopped our services.

Some snapshots from the application interface

Product balance page

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