Restaurant software

Software for clothing stores, auto parts, pharmacies, grocery stores or any other store. The program is available in three languages: Armenian, Russian and English. Very affordable, without any special training. Can works with network. The database can be in your computer. Also application can work without internet.

Restaurant software have following functionality.

1. Add and edit Table and Hall.
2. Input goods names.
3. Preparing menu.
4. Make recipes. For example create salad composition.
5. After selecting the table a menu appears, after ordering from the menu the customer order is formed.
6. Sale goods and print receipt.
7. Selling is possible with a discount or service fee.
8. Selling with approve by manager.
9. Organize delivery.
10. Selling reports by receipt.
11. Selling reports by any date period. (by selecting start date and end date).
12. Selling reports by goods composition.
13. Selling report export by pdf or excel format.
14. Disposal of goods if damaged or by other reasons.
15. Goods balance overview.
16. Expense registration (salary, tax, utilities).
17. Profit overview.
18. Customer Bonus and Discount Cards.
19. There are 3 different role with permission to use application (user, manager, administrator).
20. All actions are logged. (for example you can see deleted or edited goods).

The application technical requirements

1. Operation system Windows 7 sp1, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux
2. RAM 2 GB or higher
3. HDD or SSD 128 GB or higher
4. Processor Cora i3 or higher
5. Monitor Simple or touch screen.
6. 58 or 80 mm coupon printing printer
7. Work with bar-code scanner possible but not mandatory.
8. Use of employee cards at application access not possible.
9. Use of customer discount or gift cards possible but not mandatory.

The application technical description.

1. The application made using JavaFX 8 programming language.
2. The database MySql 5.6
3. Can works with network.
4. It's desktop application, also have web interface
5. Make database backup/archive any time.

For more information please call by +374 98 205 131 phone

Some snapshots from the application interface

The selling page snapshots

The client input page snapshots

The goods overview page snapshots

The application video on