Storage software

Software for wholesale trade company. The application can help calculate storage goods balance. This application can help organize goods delivery from storage to final destinations. You can generate many reports. Input the storage expense and calculate profit.

The Storage software has following functionality.

1. Settings page with following sub-pages.
a) Shipping names, addresses, contact information.
b) Shippers names.
c) Shippers' cars models which is needed to create a consignment.
d) Product type and product manufacturer name.
2. Input goods with following sub-pages.
a) Enter the product name with manufacture and product types.
b) Enter the goods input balance.
3. Product balance shows the history of each product entries, sales. You can change the purchase price, sale price, types, discount value, bonus value.
4. Sale and delivery.
With this section you can make a sale by specifying what goods are sold and delivered. You can choose payment type. Final destination and other data. 5. Report by sale
The following reports can be obtained for any period (daily, weekly, monthly)
a) By purchase price, by sale price
b) Goods sales by final destination
c) Report by sales merchandiser.
6. Statistics
a) Determine the best-selling item sender in the store.
b) Determine the best merchandiser in the store.
and other
7. Goods search page.
8. Expense and Profit.
9. Client debt page.
10. Print goods bar-codes.
11. Price list printing with individual price.
12. Cash control. Input/output cash.
13. Goods balance.
Additional Features 14. Working with local network.
15. Clients - bonus card and gift card system.
16. Helps organize inventory.
Other features.

The application’s technical requirements

1. Operation system Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 10, Mac OS, Linux
2. RAM 1 GB or higher
3. HDD or SSD 128 GB or higher
4. Processor Core to duo or higher
5. Work with bar-code scanner possible but not mandatory.

The application technical description.

1. The application is created using PHP 5 programming language.
2. The database MySql 5.1
3. Can work with network.
4. Make database backup/archive any time.

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Some snapshots from the application interface

This page for goods exchange by storage.

This page for goods search by storage.